New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is generally and literally about dismantling for me: taking down the elaborate holiday displays I assembled only weeks before on my eight fireplace mantels and all of the other decorations around the house. The tree is relatively easy compared to everything else, frankly, and as I write it’s out on the sidewalk awaiting its transport to Dead Horse Beach for the annual Christmas Tree bonfire this weekend. I’m an habitual seasonal decorator but now I’m wondering if I should reign in this instinct a bit….that’s certainly an attainable New Year’s resolution! In between bouts of dismantling I wasted copious amounts of time browsing the web for the perfect 2014 datebook because the one I bought at Target the other day is so devoid of any aesthetic whimsy that I fear I will not use it, and I need to: this is another area where my life has changed since becoming chair of my department–I now need to keep track of everyone’s dates and not just my own. As usual, I had Turner Classic Movies on in the background, and several movies distracted me from my dismantling mission as well, most notably the original (1968) Thomas Crown Affair. I had to figure out exactly where Steve McQueen lived on Beacon Hill in Boston (85 Mount Vernon Street–the 2nd Harrison Gray Otis house!!!) and examine each one of Faye Dunaway’s amazing outfits. And then, of course, I had to keep checking the weather reports as we have a big snowstorm bearing down on us: it looks like I will have several days inside to come up with some new displays for my mantels.

A day in the life: outside my bedroom window, the calm before the storm; a Christmas mantel before its dismantling; I love these little fabric trees from Quietude Quilts so I’m going to keep them up for a while; great Christmas presents: Wanderlust plates made in Rhode Island; Jessica Hische pocket planner; 85 Mount Vernon Street, Boston.

New Year 038

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8 responses to “New Year’s Day

  • thesalemgarden

    I enjoy the relative calm in Salem in January. Your mantel is beautiful, I’d be tempted to leave it there too. I’ve just started to use Google calendar and I really like it, I think it syncs with other people easily but I don’t use it for that? Happy New Year!

  • mystuart

    “But the Three Kings haven’t even got there yet!”
    This is my response to the ‘early’ dismantling of Christmas decor. Of course, I’m in no position to talk, because I was out of town until the 18th, and put up almost no decorations this year. But, having been in Mexico, and enjoyed the 12 December celebration in Yucatan of the Fiesta del Virgen de Guadalupe (Mexico’s own image of the Virgin), I put up two poinsettias and a Guadalupe candle on my mantle and called that it.

  • Anyes Kadowaki Busby

    Hello Donna,
    Even if I’m not always good at keeping myself up to date with your posts, I always end up catching up sooner or later and am left informed and delighted. Wishing you my warmest best for the new year.

  • markd60

    Happy New Year! Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in 2014 and always.

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