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Salem Farmers’ Market

The Salem Farmer’s Market opened its 2011 season yesterday in Derby Square; it will run through October every Thursday from 3-7 pm.  The mood was definitely festive, as the weather was beautiful, and people were clearly happy to see the return of the Market, which gets bigger and better every year.  There were so many vendors, dispensing fruits and vegetables, plants, baked goods and crafts, that they spilled over into the Salem Marketplace alley across Front Street.


Everyone in Salem loves the Farmers’ Market, though I have heard some people say that its location should move around a bit, perhaps to the Common or Essex Street.  I disagree; Derby Square has always been Salem’s marketplace, to which several of the photographs below attest.  So here’s the Square about a century ago (with Old Town Hall functioning as the “Market House”), a month ago with a storm coming in, and yesterday.

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