Split Scene Christmas

For the past couple of years, our family has split our Christmas holiday between Boston and Salem: we all want to be home for the holidays but also at the Copley Plaza! My husband and I started a Christmas Eve tradition at the Oak Room tradition a few years ago and now it has expanded to include spending the night at the hotel and attending the Christmas Eve service at Trinity Church in Copley Square. I’m not sure we’ll do this forever—it is a bit indulgent, but it’s been perfect over the last couple of years. I’m still struggling with the sciatica after-effects of my hamstring strain from nearly a month ago, so there was no twilight long walk across the Common and over Beacon Hill for me, but I still managed to eat, drink, and be merry within the gilded confines of the hotel, and then on Christmas morning we returned to Salem for presents and dinner.

Christmas Eve in Copley Square:








Christmas in Salem: including my beautiful presents—-a pair of elephant planters with a lovely turquoise glaze from my husband, and an antique feather painting from my parents. Apparently the latter has been hanging around our family house forever, but I never noticed it, and it has been restored to reveal some really stunning artistry. I’m obsessed so prepare for more feathers! As you can see, bears are this year’s animal theme: I have absolutely no subtlety in my Christmas decorating (or any decorating really) so these are just a few on display. I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and am really looking forward to the New Year.









5 responses to “Split Scene Christmas

  • Laura

    Thanks for the beautiful and fun photos! So glad you had a chance to follow such a lovely family tradition despite the hamstring. Hope that gets better soon! It’s so frustrating that things like that take their time healing. Sounds like you had some fantastic and original Christmas gifts too! Happy New Year!

  • Nancy

    The Bear is a spirit animal of protection and commitment. That sounds just like you. And isn’t that beautiful! Happy New Year!

  • Helen Breen

    Hi Donna,

    What a nice tradition you are starting to enjoy Christmas Eve with your husband at the Copley Plaza with the realization that “I’m not sure we’ll do this forever.” It’s good to be able to change it up a bit while enjoying the holidays and the Copley Plaza sounds like a perfect venue.

    Best to you and your followers for 2020 and beyond…

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