A Brief Christmas Break

A brief Christmas break and then it’s right back to Save-the-Phillips-Library-for-Salem business! But I had a very visual Christmas so I wanted to post some pictures. We were a party of only 6 adults this year, and so we decided to divide our holiday into Christmas Eve in Boston and Christmas Day in Salem, spending the eve between at the Fairmount Copley Plaza, just to top off my year of heritage hotels. Lots of eating and drinking and walking in town, after which we went to the 11 pm services at Trinity Church and then fell into our king-size beds across the street. We woke up to a very snowy morning, and managed to navigate our way to Salem without mishap. Presents, (much) more food and drink and then it was over. So much preparation, so little time, every year, but let’s hope the Christmas spirit prevails for a while longer.

Christmas Eve in Boston:

Christmas Break Copley

Christmas Break 15

Christmas Break 14

Christmas Break 12

Christmas Break 13

Christmas Break Collage2

Christmas Break 16

Christmas Break 11

Christmas Break 9

Christmas Break 8

Christmas Break 7

Christmas Break 6

Christmas Break Collage

Christmas Break 17

Christmas Break 3

Christmas Day in Salem:

Christmas break 2

Christmas Break 31

Christmas Break 19

Christmas Break 18

Christmas Break 30

Christmas Break 33

Christmas Break 34

Christmas Break 32


13 responses to “A Brief Christmas Break

  • Helen Breen

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for sharing your Yuletide trek to Boston and back to Salem. Great shots as usual. Your own home looks delightful.

    Will be following your cause of supporting the Essex Institute for Salemites and the wider historical community. All the best for 2018 and beyond …

  • Mike Pope

    Nice pics…Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • Mary Jane Kelley

    Beautiful pictures, capturing the spirit of the season.

  • Laura G

    Love the knitted hats on the ducks! Thanks for the photos! We’re just (relatively) cold down here in D.C. No snow yet! Hope you had a great holiday and forward on the Phillips Library! Good luck! Lot of us far as well as near rooting for you and your compatriots!

  • Pearl

    I never thought about going to church inebriated. That’s a really good idea!

  • ninacohenenski

    Especially love the afternoon sun lighting edges of the 54th Regiment/Robert Gould Shaw relief. The Salem mantels are beautiful, and the pretty views out the window onto Chestnut St in snow…

  • bonniehurdsmith

    Just beautiful, Donna! The City of My Heart. Wait ’til you read the very funny book my friend Thea and I are writing about Olde Boston Ways, written by an insider (moi) and an outsider. It would be done, but we can’t stop laughing long enough to type. P.S. The Copley Plaza will always be the Copley Plaza. Or the Copley. Ditto The Ritz. I don’t care who buys and sells what. We do not approve! However, we DO approve of Nature in our midst, especially those ducklings. I think Nancy Schoon deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Judy

    Loved the virtual Christmas time day-trip to Boston & Salem in the snow that you provided for your readers ! And it was lovely to virtually visit your beautiful Christmasy home as well ! … I’m enjoying our last weekend of our tree, since we couldn’t start Christmas at our house until New Year’s weekend then tried to stay warm in the old old house …. Always makes you realize how difficult that was for everyone in the past !

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