Liberation Day

November 1 is Liberation Day in Salem: the long Halloween is over, quite suddenly it always seems, and the city is returned to its residents. I’m in much better spirits than last year because of my boyc0tt of downtown Salem: the image of the Witch Trials Memorial turned into a food hall is somewhat faded from my mind. It’s comforting to know that in this month, and the months leading up to next September and October, civic resources and energies will be liberated from propping up the seasonal Halloween industry and thus enabled to focus on promoting Salem’s less-ephemeral attributes. As usual trick-or-treating generally mollifies my feelings about Halloween as the kids are so cute, but still, I’m glad it’s over (again).

My favorite trick-or-treaters (or costumed people who walked past my door–sorry, the pictures of an entire Game of Thrones crew and the Swiss Family Robinson (I think?) did not come out well).




My feelings today, illustrated : “Liberty Triumphant” (against oppression) in the Revolutionary war and World War I (Library of Congress) , joyful skipping by Harold Edgerton (© Harold & Esther Edgerton Foundation, courtesy of Palm Press, Inc., Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), My cat Trinity at peace.





6 responses to “Liberation Day

  • Judy Rosentrater

    Hello! My husband and I first visited in July of this year and absolutely fell in love with Salem and Danvers. There are so much history to see, we were in heaven. Although I have a great interest in the witchcraft trials, I feel sorry for Salem at Halloween time. I hope all the costumed merry-makers do not disrupt the actual historical ambience of the town. I feel as you do, Halloween has nothing to do with Salem…..the so-called witches were innocent victims. I hope the old Burying cemetery was not ruined in any way. Love your blog…..keep up all your good researching.

    • daseger

      Hi Judy–Summer is a great time to visit–as is November! I’m glad you enjoyed our region. Besides the difficulties of being a resident here in Salem during October and the fact that the city is profiting (apparently; I’ve never seen the numbers) from tragedy, I do worry that we’re becoming a theme park in the eyes of so many people. Authenticity is in decreasing supply; we should not waste it.

  • Peg

    Do you hand out candy?

  • Brian Bixby

    The title of your post had me imagining this horde of occultists and pagan worshipers gathered in costume outside your house, chanting in unison, “Give in to your dark side, Donna.” And then with this morning’s dawn, they vanished away, like some insubstantial vision.

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