First Flowering

Yesterday was the first truly warm day of 2015 in Salem so I took a long, long walk in order to escape department drama and find some color: successful on both counts! Everyone had the same idea, and so young and old, firm and infirm, and fully-dressed and half-dressed were out and about. This is the time to see flowering shrubs and trees: the dogwoods are not quite out, but the magnolias certainly are, and I’ve got three notable examples below: one particularly lush shrub that everyone drives by without due appreciation on busy North Street, an older, sparer tree in the garden of the Gardner Pingree House, and a perfect tree on the Common (which I think I feature every year at about this time–along with various spring bulbs). There was just one single flower on the old Wisteria that climbs up the Andrew Safford House, so I gave it a spotlight.

Flowering 001

Flowering 009

Flowering 014

Flowering 031

Flowering 026

Flowering 041

Flowering 022

6 responses to “First Flowering

  • julia fogg

    lovely lovely lovely.

  • Brian Bixby

    I had the same feelings yesterday here in Cambridge, and also went out for a walk or two or three. It’s my favorite season, because the blossoms really perk up my neighborhood in the city. (The lack of such a display is one reason I soured on Manhattan when I lived there.)

    • daseger

      Cambridge—city of my birth–is beautiful, Brian. Got to get down to Mt. Auburn cemetery this spring!

      • Brian Bixby

        Hadn’t known that about you. I live in Cambridgeport, btw.
        On my last trip out to Mt. Auburn, I spotted the flock of turkeys that have taken up residence there. They were toward the back (from the main entrance), near where one of the Ziljian family of cymbal makers is buried . . . with a cymbal as part of the headstone.

  • Dawn

    What a perfect day to take a long, long walk, Donna! Cherish Springtime days… and all of the colorful delights they bring! ♡

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