A New Storefront in Salem

If you’ve read this blog for any time at all you know that I am a traditionalist when it comes to architecture, and a committed preservationist, but there’s a new storefront on Essex Street, Salem’s main thoroughfare since its foundation, which has definitely caught my eye–and it is very sleek and very modern. As a main street, for nearly four centuries, Essex Street has had to change with the times, and this particular block lost its really old structures long ago–in the past century it was home to two adjacent movie theaters, one which looks like it was a real palace (the Empire), and another which was a more modest mid-century construction (the Salem). The building with the bold new storefront was built in 1929 in a Colonial Revival style, complete with urns on top–like a McIntire fence! Its shiny new facade actually  has a bit more integrity, I think, and hopefully draws a great new tenant.

Storefront 008

Storefront 009

Storefront 012

Storefront Essex

Storefront MACRIS 299

Storefront Empire

The 390s block of Essex Street, present and past.


4 responses to “A New Storefront in Salem

  • jane

    please post a new picture when it is finished.

    I hope that the lines relate to the proportions of the buildings on either side, that it ‘compliments’ and ‘speaks to’ its neighbors.
    From what I see, the lines and windows may indeed be a variation on the brick and windows of the adjacent apartment/office…maybe.

  • sarahc

    I miss the old movie palaces like the Empire. I am from Watertown and spent many Saturday afternoons in the two that were still there in the 60’s with my siblings at various double features. Both torn down and replaced with 7-11s.

    Liking the stripes on the new redo. Very sleek!

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