Patriots’ Day 2013

As I grew up in Maine and have lived the past few decades in Massachusetts, Patriots’ Day is a holiday that I have celebrated my entire life, traditionally with a walk along the Battle Road in Lexington, Lincoln and Concord. The holiday commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775, and as Maine was part of Massachusetts until 1820 it is recognized in my home state as well as my adopted one, a rare moment of concurrence for these two very different states. It is a day that has always had a spirit of collective festivity for me, as it coincides with both the coming of spring and the Boston Marathon, though this particular year that was obviously not the case as explosions at the finish line killed at least 3 people (including an 8-year-old boy) and wounded over 130 more. Someone took advantage of that collective festivity. An irritating cold kept me at home for the first time in many years, watching everything unfold throughout the day, bright morning to dark afternoon, from the vantage point of my bedroom television. Over the day, the contrast of reenactment and reality was striking, among other contrasting scenes. So much color and so much smoke: the images of the blasts on Boylston Street rising above the waving flags representing the nationalities of the 23,000+ participants in the Marathon–the last mile of which was dedicated to the victims of Newtown– struck me as particularly horrific in their juxtaposition of pride and terror.


Patriots Day Ap photo Michael Dwyer diverted runners

Patriots’ Day morning and afternoon:  the King’s Regular reenactors confront their militia counterparts on Lexington Green (Joanne Rathe/Boston Globe Staff); diverted runners walk down Commonwealth Avenue in Boston after the blasts (Michael Dwyer/AP photo).

7 responses to “Patriots’ Day 2013

  • markd60

    Once I was a Redcoat for Pirates week here in Cayman,

  • Brian Bixby

    A striking juxtaposition of images and thoughts. Posted a link to this page from my own blog.

  • Katy

    I know we are all cherishing our families and friends today, and calling all to make sure they are ok. This distinctly Boston celebration has been such a joyful gathering – the bombing is impossible to grasp, the reality is utterly devastating…hugs to all

  • Katy

    Your comments and pictures you posted are particularly saddening in the face of this event.. Makes me feel even more determined to advocate limiting the sale and type of firearms available so freely – there is no excuse for allowing such wreckless support of gun ” rights “…..the victims of gun violence had ” rights ” to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  • eeveland

    I traveled to Boston this summer and fell in love with the city and people. The history and the art was wonderful, but the vibe from the people was astounding. It was one of the cleanest and friendliest cities I have visited. I grieve and pray for the people of Boston.

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