Tea with White Rabbits

For a little tea party I was giving, I decided to go with an Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland theme, as I have quite a few of the necessary characters, including many white rabbits, who could do double duty for Easter. I looked around the web for some inspiration, found some cute cards on Etsy, and bought lots of flowers in an attempt to bring Spring indoors (because it is still not outdoors). Every time I entertain, I spend far more time cleaning and decorating than I do cooking, which I imagine must be somewhat disappointing to my guests. But I don’t think the expectations are really that high for tea (at least my tea) and I did make some really delicious little sandwiches out of a cream cheese, hot pepper jelly, and pecan mixture (on Pepperidge Farm white bread, of course) if I do say so myself. No one was late!

Tea 8

Tea 2

Tea 4

Tea 5

I LOVE anemones, indoors and out.

Tea 7

Tea 10

Tea 051

9 responses to “Tea with White Rabbits

  • Melinda

    Beautiful! Mrs. Garfield would be right at home! (I’m working on First Ladies history~~)

  • Sinclair 3168

    Curiouser and curiouser… I love the playing cards and candle-top characters. This is one of my favourite books. Fabulous job done!

  • nelsondionne

    Cheesecake is a one bowl, one pot dish ! And I have the base recipe for make them in flavours. Pistachio, anyone ? Be tter than pullling a white rabbit out of a hat.

  • markd60

    Funny, “white rabbit” made me think of the movie “The Matrix” before Alice in Wonderland…

  • Suzieweldon

    How does one get invited to one of your teas? That looks beautiful. AND fun!! Having just reorganized my entire stock of dishes, glasses, and serving pieces, I am inspired to use it all. How quickly we forget what we own when we have so many places to keep it all!!! Maybe a tea is just what I need to have. Hmmmmm……now you’ve got me thinking………..

    • daseger

      Your tea party would be sight to see, Suzie! Well, next time I’ll be sure to call, but you already saw most of my white rabbits last year for drinks (much better). I just had lunch with someone who bought a house that you staged, btw.

  • Anyes Kadowaki Busby

    Hello Donna,
    So atmospheric. I can totally see you chatting with Lewis Caroll – Lovely!
    I’m on a train to Montreal, so I have a complete, uninterupted day to catch up here.

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