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A List and Links

Having been nominated for a Versatile Blogger award last week by the gracious author of Moving in Time, to whom I extend my gratitude, I want to follow the rules of the award by: 1) revealing 7 things about myself and; 2) recommending 15 blogs which I admire.

The first task:

1. I am the very last person in the world who does not have a cell phone.

2. I’m a terrible clotheshound who can’t seem to break the habit.

3. Doris Day movies make me happy.

4. Contrary is one of my favorite words.

5. I detest eggs:  I have to run from the room if anyone is breaking one or cooking one.

6. Also succulent plants:  they really give me the creeps.

7. I dislike the color blue (except turquoise).

And the second.  It should go without saying that I admire all the blogs on my blogroll and check in with them regularly.  So for this task, I’m choosing blogs that I have not linked or referenced before, including several that are relatively new to the web.  This seems to be in keeping with the spirit of the award.  All of the blogs below are either very creative, very well-researched, or very fresh, original and earnest–another one of my favorite words–in some way. So, here is my rather random list of links:

Secret Gardener.  Beautiful images here–and words.

Blanket and Bone.  A lovely eye; my idea of a design blog.

Absinthefiend. A new blog about absinthe–need I say more?

Restaurant-ing through History.  Looking at history through the perspective of restaurants;  a nice window into the recent past.

Got Medieval. This is a very well-established, popular blog, but I haven’t shared it before so I am now.

 The Quack Doctor. Again, a blog  that has been around for a while, but as the popular history of medicine is a bit obscure, well worth sharing.

Joie de VivreA strong sense of place, in this case Ireland.

Spitalfields Life:  A strong sense of place, in this case East London.

Desideratum:  The blog as a work of art.

Animalarium:  The best animal images anywhere.

The Passion of Former Days: a great site for old photographs.

Tattered and Lostone of several great ephemera sites.

The Bygone Object:  we’ve been on a big public history push at SSU, and this academic blog has helped me to focus my thinking about the field and its endeavors.

Lostpastrememberedmuch, much more than a food blog; all sorts of context, and great images.

Piewacket: a nice photography and design blog (and I love the movie which is I assume is the source of its name:  Bell, Book and Candle).


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