A Last Spread of Color

Just a short post today with some pictures of a pretty house that deserves a showing!  I was cleaning up my picture files and noticed that I had not published images of a colorful Victorian house off Lafayette Street, not too far from Salem Harbor and Salem State University.  These shots were taken about a month ago–definitely well into fall, but before the late October snowstorm.  This is a beautifully maintained property and the colors are perfect for this time of year: a dark orange/persimmon with red accents and greenish taupe trim.  It’s a painted lady situated on a sunny corner lot, and the juxtaposition of house, carriage house and garden seems perfectly aligned to me.  As you can see, a month ago the colorful garden was still in bloom.

Not so yesterday.  The garden has been laid to rest, but the house is still beautiful and bright, and ready for the holidays.

6 responses to “A Last Spread of Color

  • Thoughts on Design

    Painted lady – the right words for sure. The garden was a riot of color 4 weeks ago. I wonder what it looks like in the spring?


  • olletron

    Wow, so much colour! It evokes such feeling: I can just imagine it in late summer on a warm evening, there would be people sat on the porch with lovely music – maybe a piano medley – ringing through the open windows. How romantic this house is.

  • Christy

    Such a beautiful property!! I love the colors; the vibrancy reminds me of my old neighborhood in West Philly.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Donna!

  • Nelson Dionne

    It’s amazing how much a “painted lady”, paint scheme on a Victorian can wake up a street. I began to reside my 1840’s Greek Revival / Victorian in the early 80’s, I chose WWII military olive green for the main color, with tan & dark red for trim work. I actually brought an army helmet down to Water’s & Brown to get a match. This may sound strange, but I may have started something I did not expect to happen. I won a Peabody Historic Society award for the restoration, A few years later, Benjamin Moore began to list the same color in their “Heritage” brochures, and now Hardee offers pre-finished siding in the same color ! My home is now the 3rd house on my street painted OD ! A friends Woodside St home, with a good Victorian paint job, as led to several houses on that street being repainted !

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