Daily Archives: November 9, 2011

Fall for Salem

I love November: the absence of Halloween crowds and traffic, the turning leaves, the chilly (but not freezing) weather, and above all, the light.  It’s a nice time on the academic calendar that directs my life (between midterms and finals) and it has a relatively no-pressure holiday at its end.  With the exception of the late October storm, we’ve had a beautiful fall, and when I took a walk yesterday I was in short sleeves.  It might have been the last warm day of 2011, but who knows with this changing climate?  Here are some photographs taken on a particularly golden November day (Election Day) in Salem:

An ivy-covered house turned red, along with a beautiful doorway, both on Chestnut Street.

Bittersweet trim and some of my favorite houses on and around Federal Street.

The Japanese garden at the Peabody Essex Museum (which just announced a $200 million expansion after an extremely successful fundraising campaign), the Common and one of its inhabitants.

Looking out at the Harbor, light and color between Derby and Essex Streets.

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