Fall for Salem

I love November: the absence of Halloween crowds and traffic, the turning leaves, the chilly (but not freezing) weather, and above all, the light.  It’s a nice time on the academic calendar that directs my life (between midterms and finals) and it has a relatively no-pressure holiday at its end.  With the exception of the late October storm, we’ve had a beautiful fall, and when I took a walk yesterday I was in short sleeves.  It might have been the last warm day of 2011, but who knows with this changing climate?  Here are some photographs taken on a particularly golden November day (Election Day) in Salem:

An ivy-covered house turned red, along with a beautiful doorway, both on Chestnut Street.

Bittersweet trim and some of my favorite houses on and around Federal Street.

The Japanese garden at the Peabody Essex Museum (which just announced a $200 million expansion after an extremely successful fundraising campaign), the Common and one of its inhabitants.

Looking out at the Harbor, light and color between Derby and Essex Streets.

7 responses to “Fall for Salem

  • Steve

    I was just noticing yesterday how beautiful the colors were. You captured them beautifully. Last photo is amazing.

  • Ruth Wall

    My favorite month is also November, and also because of the light. The glare of the summer will drive me to shady places, but now is the time to bask in that delicious and generous mid-day sun. I like cleaning out the garden and putting in bulbs for next year. The smells of earth and leaves are nourishing, and the new vistas opened by fewer leaves in wooded places show our fine old stone walls criss-crossing the hillsides. A fine time for a ramble, I agree!

  • MarkD60

    You make it sound like everyone leaves (leafs) after Halloween.
    Great photos! Beautiful leaves (leafs?)
    ha ha

  • Brian

    Some great photos with contrassting colors and sunlight. What a beautiful city to walk around. And it looks like Rocky the squirrel is ready for his close-up.

  • Bernadette

    Salem looks like such a beautiful place. I particularly love the ivy covered house. All the photographs are great, as usual!

  • Anyes Kadowaki Busby

    Gorgeous shots! Because of all these autumn colours, the golden hour goes on for much longer it seems. People have been asking me if I enhanced the colours of my header on my blog. I honestly did not – It’s the glory of autumn.

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