More Salem Items on Etsy

I haven’t featured any Etsy items for a while, because most of the Salem-related items have been too kitschy and witchy.  I like to examine historical witchcraft memorabilia as a cultural phenomenon but I’m certainly not going to encourage its present production!  I always check the site weekly, because I think Etsy is such a great platform for creative entrepreneurs, and this past weekend I was able to assemble a solid selection of Salem items, including some offered by shop start-ups.

Salem Home by Etsy seller painterdawn.

 Vintage House of Seven Gables Souvenir Handkerchief from Etsy seller find4you.

 Reds in Salem, Massachusetts Original Oil Painting by Etsy seller Bumbleweedz.

 West India Goods Store Photograph by Etsy seller WednesdaySistersArts.

Circle of Bees Watercolor Painting by Salem Etsy seller unitedthread.

 Embroidered Picture of Crowninshield Wharf, Olde Salem by Etsy seller mockingbirdroad.

 Historic House Pillow-Crowninshield Bentley Salem by Etsy seller notwithoutmerit.

3 responses to “More Salem Items on Etsy

  • thedailydish

    I have gotten some amazing colonial style artwork on etsy and it’s a great resource. My favorite of these pieces is the first – Salem Home. It reminds me of a picture book illustration. So cute.

  • Jenn


    I just wanted to drop a line and say how very much I’m enjoying reading your blog! I’ve lived in Salem for 5 years (I’m originally from Saratoga, NY) and I love reading about our quirky and beautiful town’s rich history. I first heard about you on the “Roost” facebook page, and I’ve been reading ever since! I learn something new every time…Thank you!

    • daseger

      Thanks Jenn. Saratoga certainly has a rich history too (my stepmother is from there); I hope you’re enjoying Salem. If you curious about anything or have a suggestion for a post, please drop me a line.

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