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Salem Artisans on Etsy

By using the local search function on Etsy rather than merely searching for “Salem” items I can avoid all the witchcraft wares and get to the good stuff:  there are a lot of artists and artisans working in Salem and their creativity and productivity is impressive.  I haven’t done an Etsy post in a while and Christmas is right around the corner (apparently—so sad that we all seem to overlook Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays) so it seemed like  a good time.  Here’s a few of my recent Salem Etsy finds:  you can click on the image and go directly to the site.

Vintage recycled “Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House” Journal/Sketchbook by Etsy Seller kissykissykatie.  This seller makes journals and sketchbooks out of old books and has a large selection on Etsy.  Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House (Cary Grant and Myrna Loy!) just happens to be my favorite movie of all time, so this particular journal caught my eye.

“Fall Harvest” silver and gold stacking rings by Etsy Seller DangerousByDesign.  Beautiful minimalist jewelry in a mix of metals from this Etsy seller.

Spoon Busk Corded Corset by Etsy Seller JanesCorsets.  You’ve got to love a town that has a corset maker!

Red Lotus Medallion Little Girls Day Dress by Etsy Seller littlebirdsfly.  This seller produces dresses for little girls from really lovely not-so-little-girl fabrics.

“The Sweet Talk” knitted capelet by Etsy Seller Toil&Trouble.  I like the color combination of this “shoulder warmer” and it would come in handy in a house with 10-foot ceilings!

Soy candles in blood orange and absinthe by Etsy Seller WitchCityWicks.  Very distinct scents (anise, mead) as well as labels on these Salem-made candles.

Salem Etsy Picks for Summer

I haven’t done an Etsy post for a while, so I thought I would showcase some recent finds that are Salem-related or offered by Salem sellers. I was intrigued by my first item even before I realized it was set at the Salem train station (for lack of a better term); I have no idea what kind of search I was running, but it suddenly appeared!   The second item, an architectural print of the Colonial Revival “fireplace nook” in the dining room of the Caroline Emmerton House on Essex Street in Salem from the American Architect and Building News,  was featured in an earlier post entitled “Hand-drawn Houses” so it’s neat to see the Etsy listing. To fill my Salem basket I have added a Salem-made clock pendant, a pair of Daniel Low & Company vintage art nouveau butter knives, and a great old Essex Institute book on Salem ships.

11×14 Photographic print of Alternate Reality Train Station (8×10 also available) by Etsy seller remyphotographic.

Dining Room of Mrs. Emmerton, Salem, MA 1890 from Etsy seller stcroixarchitecture.

Antique Gold Steampunk Pendant by Etsy seller HeatherReidStudios.

Two Antique Sterling Butter SpreadersDaniel Low & Co. from Etsy seller RobertaGrove

1925 Old Time Ships of Salem from Etsy seller Frothingham Street

More Salem Items on Etsy

I haven’t featured any Etsy items for a while, because most of the Salem-related items have been too kitschy and witchy.  I like to examine historical witchcraft memorabilia as a cultural phenomenon but I’m certainly not going to encourage its present production!  I always check the site weekly, because I think Etsy is such a great platform for creative entrepreneurs, and this past weekend I was able to assemble a solid selection of Salem items, including some offered by shop start-ups.

Salem Home by Etsy seller painterdawn.

 Vintage House of Seven Gables Souvenir Handkerchief from Etsy seller find4you.

 Reds in Salem, Massachusetts Original Oil Painting by Etsy seller Bumbleweedz.

 West India Goods Store Photograph by Etsy seller WednesdaySistersArts.

Circle of Bees Watercolor Painting by Salem Etsy seller unitedthread.

 Embroidered Picture of Crowninshield Wharf, Olde Salem by Etsy seller mockingbirdroad.

 Historic House Pillow-Crowninshield Bentley Salem by Etsy seller notwithoutmerit.

Salem Sellers on Etsy

You can shop local online easily on Etsy by searching for Salem shops.  My weekend browsing yielded the following items, among many handcrafted and -produced items offered by Salem sellers:  truly beautiful drawings, photographs, jewelry, a wooden sign….and some very clever fleece scarves for dogs! 

Green Pepper Pencil on Paper Drawing by Etsy seller chloesgoodstuff.

Union Square Radiators  by Etsy seller gabrieldaniels.

Cradled Pearl Necklace  by Etsy seller danielmjewelry.

Handcrafted Wooden Sign  by Etsy seller palletdesign.

Fleece Dog Scarf by Etsy seller waggerwear.

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