Early June Garden

I feel a bit selfish and indulgent featuring my garden during this troubling and tumultuous week, but I really don’t have anything else to offer. My dear readers and followers seemed to like last week’s garden post, and though I am no Marianne Majerus or Stacy Bass, it’s almost impossible to take a bad photograph of some flowers, like my beloved Trillium and Lady’s Slippers, both “out” this week! Our big kitchen demolition/renovation is starting very soon and there will likely put a lot of sawdust in this adjacent garden, so it’s the last we’ll see of it for some time. I’ll miss my garden this summer, but I’m off to our family house in Maine, where my father want to put in a new garden, so that project will be somewhat compensatory: soliciting all tips from Maine gardeners—-for a site with full sun but lots of ledge (we already have a rock garden).

Meanwhile, here’s my little city plot this past week:


20200531_192145It’s a bit wild but that’s how I like it—contained chaos. But I will say that the anemones are MONSTERS this year. 






20200531_162958I’m sorry that the Lady’s Mantle hasn’t popped yet but I do have Lady’s Slippers to show you!





pixlr_20200601145348621And flourishing ferns, trillium, and one of my very favorite plants, lungwort, which looks like this all summer long, not just at showstopper time.

7 responses to “Early June Garden

  • Lisa

    Wow! Gorgeous! Looks so refreshing and cool. Can you tell me what are the pink flowers in the first shot, in the foreground?
    The yellow lady slippers are exquisite.

  • Nancy

    Oh, my. What a feast for the eyes and a much-needed lifting of the spirits. Those Lady’s Slippers are the stuff of fantasy!

    My gardens, too, have been described as “organized chaos,” and that’s exactly how I like them!

  • sarahbguestperry

    Love your garden pictures.

  • Lou Sirianni


  • Helen Breen

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for sharing those lovely pics of your June garden. We can all use a lift at this point, eh?

    Particularly enjoyed the anemones. Beautiful.

    Good luck with your kitchen addition. It will be well worth it – when it is done!

  • Jan

    Hi Donna,

    Very impressive and beautiful display of yellow (no less) lady’s slippers and trillium. I grew up in New Hampshire where there were multitudes of both, not so much any more. It was lovely to see your success in propagating them.

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