(Reen-)Action in Marblehead

There is filming or preparation for filming all around us this July: on Salem Common, in Forest River Park, in nearby Danvers and Marblehead. On Saturday I drove over to see Marblehead’s Old Town dressed as Salem during Halloween for a Netflix film starring Adam Sandler titled Hubie Halloween. I knew that the Revolutionary reenactment company Glover’s Regiment would also be camped out at Fort Sewall in Marblehead, and I thought the two “sets” might make for an interesting cultural clash. I was right: it was a theatrical afternoon. I have to admit to being a little annoyed that Salem could not play itself: we have to deal with the real Halloween but aren’t good enough to play the fake one? But watching the set designers put together their perfect Halloween town, it was obvious that they were going for a cute, hometown Halloween, not the darker version that has emerged in Witch City. At least Salem Common will see some action. The camp at Fort Sewall was well-established by the time I got there, with cream canvas tents all in a row, and visiting “French” and “British” soldiers—the latter were appropriately camped outside the fort’s walls!  For an hour or so, it really did seem like I was wandering around some Hollywood backlot to go from Halloween in July to an eighteenth-century encampment.


















5 responses to “(Reen-)Action in Marblehead

  • Laura

    These off-season movies–if I’m ever watching them, I always check out the trees! Fall with no foliage colors? winter with full foliage! C’mon!

    Sounds like fun, though. All we get here in Washington DC are dark political or spy movie little shots where they need a real-live monument or whatever.

    • daseger

      Many remarks on the very green trees—-I bet they won’t be so obvious at night however, and I think that’s when they’re doing a lot of the filming.

  • fbradking

    Yup, we were indeed camped out at Fort Sewall again this year! (I say “we” lovingly, since I am finally too old and cranky to put on the 18th C soldier’s gear that I wore for 15 years with the Glovers Regiment!) And it was a fine show indeed! And thoroughly loved your juxtaposition of the Town of Halloween (aka Marblehead) and the Town of Glovers! Great photos!!

  • Anne Sterling

    Finally M’head owns up to its Salem Envy!

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