Joy and Remembrance

My husband was down south in the snow this past weekend while I was home alone for the bright and chilly December weekend. It was quite festive: with a dinner, drinks, an open house and an estate sale, although I missed one event due to an extended nap! When I wasn’t out I watched my favorite holiday movies on TCM, so Barbara Stanwyck was much in view as she is in most of them. I finished decorating all of my mantels, although we still don’t have our Christmas tree up yet: several years ago we had a dried-out tree well before the holiday, a traumatic experience which has led me to push it later and later ever since. I’m worried that I’ve pushed it too late this year as my favorite Christmas tree lot just sold out! For those of you who might be surprised that I have included an estate sale among these festivities, let me elaborate: I have found that local estate sales are often community events which not only provide people (Yankees, of course) to obtain a bargain but also an opportunity to remember–and celebrate–the deceased through admiration and remembrance of his or her items. They really are quite poignant occasions. As I walked through the adorable house of a recently-deceased lady among her cherished collections, I kept hearing the phrases I remember when and she loved that. This particular lady was obviously an enthusiastic keeper of Christmas, so the sale was even more festive—and she had great taste (I hope people will say that same about me as they sift through my things—I better purge a bit). The weekend ended on a high note when I was invited to attend an open house in the home of my “daguerreotype crush” from last week’s tour: his name is Benjamin Kendall, by the way.

The second week of December in Salem: at home

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Around the McIntire District:

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At the estate sale & a drink with Mr. Benjamin Kendall

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6 responses to “Joy and Remembrance

  • Laura

    Was that Barbara Stanwyck in Christmas in Connecticut? I love that one, especially the scene in NYC where she is writing her faux “in the country essay” for the magazine.

    Lovely decorations! I decorated my large indoor fig plant with little felted sheep and a little ceramic sheep dog. Still pondering my choice. 🙂

  • Alan Lord

    My favorite movie is the 1951 classic “A Christmas Carol” with Alastair Sim, Kathleen Harrison and – yes – Patrick MacNee as the young Jacob Marley. I have watched it every year, since I was very little (well, at 5’3″ I guess I still am pretty little – Lol!) – A close runner-up is the 1935 “A Tale of Two Cities – with Ronald Colman and other greats.

    Thanks for all your great posts!

    Happy Holidays to you & yours, Donna!

    • daseger

      To you and yours as well Alan! I agree: that version of the Christmas Carol is definitive. I had not thought of a Tale of Two Cities as a holiday movie, but I’m going to try it, on your recommendation. Another perennial for me is A Holiday Affair, with Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh.

  • FairytaleFeminista

    Great pictures, as always. I miss Salem at this time of year because it’s small enough to feel like one of those Hallmark movie neighborhoods where you can window shop and feel invigorated by the weather. And then run home and drink spiked hot chocolate!

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