Peaking and Strolling (in Gardens)

I’m looking forward to the Salem Garden Club’s biennial tour tomorrow, “A Stroll through the Garden’s of Salem’s McIntire District”, which will take place right in my neighborhood. All proceeds go towards the club’s community beautification projects, which are numerous and conspicuous! My garden was on this tour a while ago, early on in my knowledge of gardening in general and relationship with this particular garden, so I remember thinking “July–that’s so late” when they gave me the date. But several ladies assured me that Salem gardens peak in July. When the date for the tour came up, my garden was indeed peaking. I was happy about that in one way, but sad in another–I decided that I didn’t want my garden to have just one peak but rather to “crest” through the summer. So I changed its constitution a bit and brought in more plants picked for their leaves rather than their flowers. Right now the mallows are flowering, the meadowsweet just popped, and the first of the daylilies–but the roses are in a funk and the lady’s mantle is done. Something weird is going on with my bee balm–lots of powdery mildew which I’ve never seen before. But the border plants, germander, calamint, and veronica, are finally established and doing just fine. It’s all a bit subtle, which is what I’m going for, but I’m sure that tomorrow we will be able to peak in on gardens that are really peaking!

Garden First

Garden 8

Garden Mallows

Garden 4

Garden 3

Garden 2

Garden 6

Garden 9

Garden Stroll Poster

4 responses to “Peaking and Strolling (in Gardens)

  • Carol J. Perry

    When I was a young teen my afternoon and summer vacation job was as a guide at the Ropes Memorial mansion. How wonderful was that garden? For special occasions we guides were given a bouquet picked by the gardner (Andrew) especially for us! Still remember vividly what a delightful gift that was.

    • daseger

      It is still pretty great and will be on the tour, although of course people can go in anytime. Was Andrew the gardener that worked there for like 30+ years? What a wonderful gift/memory!

  • Carol J. Perry

    Yes. I guess that would have been Andrew. It was a great job for a kid too. That’s where I got my love for antiques. Has anyone lately noticed that Elizabeth Ropes Orne sits on the upstairs window seat in the hall? I found her to be a friendly ghost!

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