Salem Roses

You can have your showy, ant-filled peonies: at this time of year it is all about roses for me. This is rose week in Salem–everywhere you go (except perhaps for the Ropes Mansion Garden, which peaks in late summer), there are beautiful roses in bloom. I’ve got some relatively new bushes in my garden as last year there was a roofer-induced massacre. When I first put in roses, I chose only hard-to-find old garden varieties of the rosa gallica type: I was a purist who prioritized history over flowering (similar to the pink and white varieties below in the Derby House garden, which look much better than mine ever did—I also had an herb garden full of straggly herbs used as medieval plague cures). These heirloom roses were a bit too shrubby for me, and so I replaced them one by one with more modern varieties, mostly from David Austin. And after the decimation last year, I went all David Austin: pale pinks and yellow, almost-orange, no red. They all popped yesterday (see collage), and I went for a walk to see some more: so here you have it, my rose-tour of downtown Salem.Rose Collage

June Roses 1

June Roses 3

June Roses 4

June Roses 5

June Roses 6

June Roses 7

June Roses 9

June Roses 8

My roses, a cascade on Cambridge Street, in front of the John Ward house, off Orange Street, the Brookhouse Home side garden, and Derby House garden.

6 responses to “Salem Roses

  • Tom P

    Hi Donna – I also enjoy roses, mostly for their scent. Are the modern varieties as fragrant as the heirloom ones?

  • Bonnie Henry

    So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Come see my climbers…Love them, full of blooms. (I admit to having put in a Sarah Berhardt peony)

  • jefffoliage

    The Derby garden has been tended this year by one of the Ranger protection staff. (Anna)
    She really has a green thumb and if you see her there stop in. She has a degree that lends to her ability in growing a garden. This is the best I’ve seen the garden in years.

  • Brian Bixby

    We were happy to see our roses go wild this year, after last year had been an almost complete washout.

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