Seeing Red

It’s finals week and getting reading for Christmas week so please excuse a few short posts. My house is not quite ready yet, but the rest of Salem is draped in red. No white Christmas this year for sure–we’ve had several 60 degree days this month and the forecast looks brown, even green, as the warm weather has resulted in some startling regrowth out there–much of my garden looks like it is still alive! I know you’ve seen a thousand pictures of Hamilton Hall here, as it’s right next door and a site of constant activity and attraction for me, but I popped in to see it decorated for the Christmas Dance (now called the Holiday Dance but I’m still going to call it the Christmas Dance) this weekend. It looks lovely, better empty really though I do love the Dance.

Hamilton Hall 016

Hamilton Hall 021

Hamilton Hall 023

Hamilton Hall 028

Hamilton Hall 041

Hamilton Hall 043

Hamilton Hall 062

Hamilton Hall 050

Hamilton Hall 054

Hamilton Hall 088

Downtown: Santa getting ready to ride, beautiful red berries in the Derby House garden, red door on Mall Street; next door at Hamilton Hall, exterior and interior.

2 responses to “Seeing Red

  • Kathy Greenough

    Hi Donna,
    I’m Becky Putnam’s cousin and when I saw the title of your post, thought you were going feature the newly RED — very red– Eden house, he if my ancestors! Merry Xmas!
    Kathy Greenough

    • daseger

      Hi Again, Kathy. I did feature it in a summer post called “Home Work” if you want to share with your family—and I should have put in the shed that borders our garden–yellow forever, now red!!!

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