Snow Light

I’ve got nothing…but snow: sorry, worldly readers, I must feature snow yet again! With another 17 inches deposited from this weekend’s storm, we are now up to about 7 ½ feet by my unofficial calculation. We’ve got two major ice dams over our bay windows (thanks Victorians!!! the 1820s house is tight as can be) that have been depositing incessant drops of brown water into our house over the past few days, and I woke up happy this morning because it was so cold that the leaking stopped…for awhile. That about sums it up. You do develop perspective when you go through a prolonged period of weather adversity, and begin to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not sure that our tunnel is coming to an end yet (it’s only February!), but I did see a lot of light this weekend. Saturday night we walked to dinner through the snowy streets and I noticed it was so light outside, and when we returned home it seemed lighter still. What the weatherman was calling a blizzard was intensifying, and the sky was an eerie light gray–I almost expected to see the famous Boston Yeti out back….and there he was!

Snow again 009

Yeti in Salem Feb 14

Sorry it’s so blurry–I can’t venture out back because we haven’t shoveled, so this (these) picture(s) was taken through my dining room window, while it was snowing.  And yes, this is a rather pathetic attempt to place the Boston Yeti in Salem; he/she lives in Somerville, I believe. Seriously, that snow-lit sky was beautiful on Valentine’s Day evening, even though it meant ever more snow.

Snow again 026

Snow again 045

And yesterday, blustery cold. Behold the inside of my second-floor library window, with major ice-dam leak above: all clear and dry today, for now. I promise: this is my last post on snow!

Snow again 2 006

Snow again 2 002

Snow again 2 012

14 responses to “Snow Light

  • cecilia

    I cannot imagine what that much snow would be like and am endlessly grateful that I don’t have to farm in it. No wonder it is not far from your mind.. c

    • daseger

      I can imagine it would be terrible for farmers, as your basic instinct is just to hunker down, and farmers can never really do that…..

    • earthandinke

      This is why in the olden times, farmers strung strong rope between their houses and their barns. So they could find their way to their charges and then home again. I have a horse farm near me and they’re all bundled up when they’re outside. (Horses and farmers both.)

  • coldhandboyack

    I say if you’ve got it flaunt it. These have been interesting posts.

  • earthandink

    Ah, here too. I’m in Massachusetts as well and we’re just buried. It seems to stop snowing just long enough to be hopeful that it will end and then we get buried by feet (!) of snow once more! It IS all we talk about around here, but who imagined this? (And we had such a weird November and December: warm and snowfree.) We’re now breaking long-held records. I feel sorry for students and teachers who will be making school days up in the months to come.

  • Dawn

    We have been thinking of everyone enduring these weeks of relentless snow, Donna! We felt this way last winter in Chicagoland. So sorry to hear about the leaks in your beautiful home. Stay safe and warm! ♡

  • Peg

    The night is so much brighter and magical with a quilt of snow. I love your posts about the white stuff, please keep them coming.

  • downeastdilettante

    I’ve got nothing but snow either. According to our weather, the major snowfall this year has been in eastern Mass—your bailiwick—and in eastern Maine—mine. As a fellow sufferer, I send empathetic waves to you. Temperatures 10-18 below average for the last 25 days, and 117.6 inches since the November 1st blizzard. Life here is pretty much reduced to cleaning up from one storm, or getting ready for the next. A friend called from Lyford Cay. Couldn’t get out of the Bahamas to get to NY for the Westminster Kennel Club because of delayed flights this morning. I tried to be sympathetic, but just couldn’t quite muster to the occasion. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to take my own photos of buried houses.

    • daseger

      Sending empathetic waves back to you! I hope your house is not sustaining any damage. Not only do I not have sympathy for your dog lover friend, but I have stopped going on facebook as people keep posting their vacation photos!

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