Thanksgiving Colors

We spent Thanksgiving up in my hometown of York Harbor, Maine, which is only about an hour north of Salem. When we arrived York looked very different than still-green Salem, coated in icy snow. Many people in the southern counties of Maine and adjacent counties of New Hampshire lost their power due to a Thanksgiving-eve snowstorm, but we were fortunate to have light and heat and lots of food and drink. While waiting to eat on Thanksgiving Day, we took a drive around the grey town: York (encompassing York Harbor, York Village, York Beach and Cape Neddick) is a summer town and it always looks strikingly stark to me in the winter. I’ve also got some pictures of my stepmother’s Thanksgiving table here–before we messed it up. When we returned to Salem, all was icy and white but today is forecasted for the 50s so the terrain is returning to that golden brownish-green hue so characteristic of November.

Thanksgiving 001

This cat o’nine tail exploded before we left; the rest burst while we were away (just one day and night!) Impossible to clean up all this fluff.

Thanksgiving 009

Thanksgiving 011

Thanksgiving 015

Thanksgiving table: Della Robbia plates and Shaker chairs.

Thanksgiving 042

Fifty shades of grey off Nubble Light.

Thanksgiving 069

Thanksgiving 078

White on white: one of my favorite houses in York, and the gargoyle outside my parents’ house.

Thanksgiving 080

My favorite childhood painting.

Thanksgiving Colors 002

Back home; sunny Sunday.

4 responses to “Thanksgiving Colors

  • Kat

    Happy Thanksgiving! Did you paint those soldiers? It’s quite a cute painting! There’s a story behind it.

    • daseger

      You too, Kat. No, I did not paint it–I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I’m not sure of the story behind it, but I believe that one of my great aunts painted it. It was just part of my childhood, and I still love it.

  • Kat

    Me either! I always adored the painting “Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth, it hung above my Nana’s bed for years.

  • cecilia

    What a beautiful table and those plates! Love the painting too. how nice to have a home with a Mum in it to go home to for thanksgiving. Just lovely.. c

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