Purple Reigns

I was looking at pictures of the recent commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, and even the Anglophile in me thought: aren’t they done? Haven’t the British been celebrating anything and everything for the past several years? Enough. But I did like this one photograph of royal purple banners, and it inspired me to find some purple in my own city. I’ve been working my way through the palette of paint colors here in Salem for several years, beginning with Old Orange Houses, so it’s all about purple today.

Purple Reigns in London

Purple banners in London last week and Salem (and one Marblehead) houses below:

purple reigns 058

purple reigns 057

One of my favorite houses in (south) Salem, a mid-nineteenth-century extended “cottage” that extends for quite a bit and is set on a very nice property. Love these long windows on the side and the purple-with-green paint scheme.

Purple Reigns 2

purple reigns 063

A purple Salem triple-decker, and a c. 1710 house in nearby Old Town Marblehead.

purple reigns 071

purple reigns 075

Side by side in North Salem, an 1830 house and one from the turn-of-the-century or after (not quite sure about this style; it almost looks storybook to me. This house is a very, very, very pale greyish purple with purple trim and it is for sale now–no, under agreement; I just checked).

purple reigns 086

purple reigns 091

Two High Victorian houses in purple on Federal Street.

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