Early May Meander

May is my absolute favorite month but also the busiest time of the year for me, with grading and other end-of-the-semester obligations, annual meetings for every single Salem organization to which I belong, and lots of stuff to attend to in the house and, of course, the garden. Frenzied activity and frustration, and lots of running around. This past week we have had absolutely beautiful weather: in typical New England fashion, everything just burst. So I took sporadic breaks from grading, not my favorite activity, and meandered about town. I did not have to go very far, as my neighborhood is particularly beautiful this time of year, and sometimes (often, after every other one) I can just raise my head up from the pile of blue books before me and look out the window and see something beautiful or interesting.

Early May 001

Early May 008

Early May 010

A photo shoot on Chestnut Street last weekend, involving quite a lot of people, and a single artist painting the park on the same day.

Early May 014

Early May 019

Admiring one neighbor’s lush yard, and another’s “spiderweb” window.

Early May 026

Early May 029

Early May 032

My jack-in-the-pulpits (Arisaema triphyllum) have arrived!!! Four this year!!!

Early May 043

Sorry this cardinal is a little blurry, but I chased him all around the neighborhood, determined to get his picture, and this is as close as I could get.

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