Still Standing

Here in Salem, we have survived both Hurricane Sandy and Halloween quite well:  just a few downed trees and lines and lots of leaves from the former and trash on the streets from the latter. Most of which has already been swept away. With all the devastation in New York and New Jersey, where I have family, it seems almost silly to draw attention to the impact of Sandy here on the North Shore of Massachusetts:  I think I have heard the phrase dodged a bullet about a thousand times since Tuesday. We did lose a few nice old trees, but the strong ones are still standing.  Late afternoon on Halloween, the sun began to peak out of the clouds for the first time in days, so I took a walk before the hordes of trick-or-treaters descended on my house.  I went to Harmony Grove ceremony in North Salem to inspect the old trees–and it was All Saints’ eve, after all.  I made it in just before they closed the gates.

On the way to the cemetery, I walked across Mack Park, where a few victims of the storm still lay on the ground.  Superman was there, cleaning up some of the debris.

Just a few branches down in Harmony Groves:  the trees are all so well-rooted, particularly those of the old beeches (???), which seemed almost supernatural.

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