What Remains

On the last sparkling sunny day we had here (last Friday), I took some pictures on my way to and from work. The streets and gardens of Salem were displaying their last bursts of color, which could last a while, depending on the weather.  I’ve got lots of reblooming in my own garden, which I’m not showing due to presence of lots of ladders back there–we’ve been painting the house.  But out my front door, all looks well:  Chestnut Street (or at least half of it) has been repaved for the first time in 40 years by most recollections!

On the way to work: a bountiful garden and a colorful cottage, off Lafayette Street.

Back after classes—I made a beeline for the Ropes Mansion garden on Essex Street.  With its mixture of annuals and perennials–and lots of late-season perennials at that–this garden always holds its color.

Just outside of the gates of the Ropes Mansion, there is a huge butterfly bush that was literally FULL of butterflies–they were dancing all around it, actually.  They don’t show up in the pictures very well, but a few were ready for their close-ups.

Back home, where the light was dwindling both outdoors and in the house, much to the dismay of Mr. Darcy.

3 responses to “What Remains

  • julia fogg

    all looks lovely though even at the change of seasons.

  • ceciliag

    That darned sunny patch must have moved while he was napping.. poor Mr Darcy and what a lovely drive you have to and from work. We have to lap up and store that colour for the months ahead. When I was a child I put a jar on the windowsill, with the lid off, then went to bed – stop me if i have told you this before – and in the black of the night I crept out of bed and jammed the lid back on to Trap some Night in the Jar. Imagine my disappointment in the morning. Sometimes I wish I could trap some of the summer in a jar and in the winter i could open it for a moment and just smell it. hmm.. have a lovely day.. c

  • markd60

    I like the cat. I bet the sunny patch DID move!

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