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Memorial Day Weekend

This is a post filled with very random images of rather random places–connected only through time:  my travels on both the south and north shores of Boston over the past few days of this Memorial Day Weekend, 2012. Though this weekend is traditionally recognized as the traditional start of summer here in New England, it’s been warm for a while so it doesn’t quite feel that way.  I’m always a little conflicted by this “holiday”:  it should be a time of commemoration rather than celebration, but in a way it is both. On Friday I found myself down in Quincy, south of Boston, at the “Old House” at Peacefield, the home of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, and part of the Adams National Historic Park.  There was some exterior work being done on the Old House (built in 1713) but its gardens were in peak, perfect condition.

The Old House in 1849, NPS

Yesterday, which was very warm, we drove up the coast north of Salem in a very meandering way. We had a purpose, but we were all too ready for diversions, as you can see.  Then it was back to Salem to get my flags out.

On Cape Ann: the beach at Manchester-by-the-Sea, heads in Magnolia, Rocky Neck views (including a car that reflects our hotly-contested senate race; if we didn’t have two cars this is what our car would look like), and Ipswich marshes.

Back in Salem, Harmony Grove Cemetery.

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