Daily Archives: September 14, 2011

Cat Scratch-free Couch

Like everyone who has cats in their house, particularly cats who stay indoors, I face the constant threat of shredded upholstery.  I’ve learned to live with it, knowing that I brought my cats into my house and they do have to scratch something, and it is generally a manageable issue, with the strategic placement of scratching posts and double-sided tape.  But there is one couch that my two cats would just not leave alone:  an 1840s Empire sofa, covered in a fine cotton fabric that both they and I love.  I tried all sorts of defensive mechanisms, to no avail; they could always find a patch of fabric to dig their claws into.  So finally I called it a day and called the upholsterer.

The culprits, greeting me at the door.

Their prey.

Since it was only the sides and back of the couch that were clawed, my upholsterer and I came up with a good solution (so far) to this particular problem.  I purchased a very tightly-woven thicker cotton coordinating fabric, and Steve upholstered half of the couch.  I think it looks really cool, and except for a few attempts, the cats have been paws-off.

Keeping their distance.

Sniffing, but not clawing.

Close-up of the two fabrics.

Close, but no clawing.

Safe and sound, for now.