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Edible Art

While up in York for a long weekend I went to the Stonewall Kitchen company store to get some ingredients for a recipe and ran into a huge crowd of people and some absolutely stunning display gardens.  The gardens are always beautiful at Stonewall, but this time they were particularly impressive:  unusual combinations of colors and textures, perennials and annuals, vegetables and flowers.  There were also screen-printed banners, indicating the tie-in between the Stonewall gardens and an ongoing art exhibit at the nearby George Marshall Store GalleryFrom the Garden to the Kitchen.  Part One of  the exhibit was on display earlier in the summer; Part Two is on view now.  So here we have another two-part (digital) exhibition:  first the gardens, then the gallery.

Lots of Clary Sage, a very under-utilized grey garden plant.

A close-up of one of the banners in the gardens, depicting “Purple Podded Peas”, an archival pigment print in Lynn Karlin’s Pedestal Series.  Below, more prints in the series, displayed at the George Marshall Store Gallery, and exterior and interior views of the Gallery.

The George Marshall Store is a Victorian building located on the York River, adjacent to the John Hancock Wharf and Warehouse.  Both properties belong to the Museums of Old York, though the Marshall Store functions as an independent art gallery.  I vaguely remember it operating as some sort of “ye olde” shop when I was a little girl, and today, the combination of river, old building and modern art makes the gallery a nice afternoon destination.  Here are a few of my favorites from the current exhibition, although I definitely could have included many more pieces.

  James Aponovich, Trasimeno Artichoke

  Tina Ingraham, Rainier Cherries and The Grocer

  Carey Armstrong-Ellis, When Vegetables Go Bad

  Susan Wahlrab, Unfolding Fiddleheads

  Rosalind Fedeli, Nine Bright Persimmons

Stonewall Kitchen Company Store gardens by JNL Inc. Landscaping:  jnlinc.com; George Marshall Store Gallery, 140 Lindsay Road, York, Maine 03909.  207.351.1083

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