Bittersweet November

I don’t really have a theme or subject for today’s post: it is primarily comprised of photos I took here in Salem and up in York Harbor where I spent most of the weekend. But as I was walking along the Harbor cliff walk–a childhood path of mine that was allowed to be taken over by new home owners/builders along the way in past years but now seems to be in the process of being reclaimed by the public–I thought of how appropriate the bittersweet “decoration” that lined the walk was: contrasting and colorful, a last blast of bright before things get darker, so somehow all the more sweet. I’ve always thought November is one of our most beautiful months: the light is so clear, the earth not yet muddy brown or white. Of course since I’ve lived in Salem November has become particularly cherished as it marks Salem’s liberation from its Witch City identity, but I think everywhere that I have lived I have enjoyed November: in Vermont, and Maine, and Maryland, and Britain. I think it must be my second-favorite month, just behind May.

The first week of November in Salem: a blazing tree on Essex Street, the new Little Free Library on the Ropes Mansion Grounds, a house coming back to life, white shows the light, old tracks, a strange seating area at Harmony Grove cemetery (I think it is the pillows that I find somewhat odd), THE WITCH IS DEAD, one last fall photograph of my cat Trinity for a while, I promise!









In York Harbor, the first weekend of November:  along the Cliff Walk: fortifications (several estates along the walk have castle-esque architectural attributes and CANNONS–who are they guarding against, the New York Yacht Club?), bittersweet, and a secret gate; fall back.







7 responses to “Bittersweet November

  • julia fogg

    colour and detail – as a theme?

  • Jean B.

    Oh, but the cat is gorgeous! Are you really going to deprive us of more photos?

  • Downeast Dilettante

    I’m glad to hear the public is winning again. I’ve followed several of the casea with interest. While it is more than understandable that one might not want the public crossing one’s lawn, it is troubling when a person buys a proprty, knowing it is crossed by a long stan ddf ing public right of way, and then tries to deny access.

    • daseger

      Hello DD! Always great to hear from you. Yes, my brother and I got into an altercation with some new homeowners a while ago as we tried to clear our traditional path to the beach, and then we both moved on to other battles. But there’s been a lot of clearing of the cliff walk in our absences, which is great to see. The public’s right is pretty well-established in Massachusetts-Maine law, I believe.

  • helenbreen01

    “I’ve always thought November is one of our most beautiful months: the light is so clear, the earth not yet muddy brown or white.”

    Again, great pics. Thanks

    Donna, I agree. I love those muted shades, warm fires, holidays approaching, hunkering down for winter reading …

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